FOSS resources

Book Review

Weber, Steven.  The Success of Open Source.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2004.

This book gives an excellent account of the history and design of open source software communities, interconnecting

the development process with highly relevant examples and case studies (mostly between the proprietary based Microsoft versus open source Linux).  Weber, who is a professor of political science, also manages to relate cooperation strategies, a topic prevalent in international relations theory, with the design of open source communities.  The book delves into technical aspects to investigate some empirical history of computing, however, these sections are not difficult to follow.

Other Books to look at:
Joode, R. van Wendel de, J.A. de Brujin and M.J.G. van Eetan. Protecting the Virtual Commons: Self-Organizing Open Source and Free Software Communities and Innnovative Intellectual Property Regimes. The Hague: Asser Press, 2003.


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